april 12th, 2014

omakaze pt.2 @ zen sushi

april 12th, 2014

omakaze pt.1 @ zen sushi

v: I think I should apply elsewhere

d: What do you think?

v: I’m not sure

d: Who wears cheetah?


Revisited photos from almost ten years ago.. actually cringing at how OFF I was, I wna cry. I am the ugliest child.

I see other people’s pictures from the same year, and I still think their clothes looked good, pretty decent, acceptable. I have no idea where my style inspirations came from because I really really did care about the way I looked, but still looked like that.

I kept thinking, why didn’t anyone tell me my clothes were ugly, and tell me my behaviour was wildly unacceptable. My hair, MY HAIR. WHY. I THOUGHT IT LOOKED SO GOOD. 

And then I remembered.. People did tell me, I just didn’t care.

I was so off in my own little world where my entirety made sense and I was so happy with myself. My own judgement was the only one that mattered. 

I remember I always wondered why I didn’t have as many friends as other people, why I’m never in the huge cliques with the locker pow-wows, or why no boys ever chased me. My mindset was that people didn’t care about what you wore or what you looked like. What I wore was my business, and I didn’t see how that could have changed anyone’s perception of how well I could hold a conversation. They’re just clothes. That was actually what I thought. I never preached that mindset, or forced myself to believe it.

I just thought that was what life was like. 

Jonathan Smith

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i need more time between classes for DOMS to recede.. pushing limits and in pain all da time.

the heart is too weak and emotional to make decisions. people need principles.

drinking hot honey ginger tea and i can feel my cold dying

da hellz US netflix is blowing my mind

im bored

My teacher’s contrabass costs more than my house, but lets me practice and play on it nonetheless.

I want fearless

mental health has room for improvement